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As a UC (United Communications) messaging solutions developer, We have been supplying UCM solutions to more than 700 customers. Among Korean solutions, the UC specialized company has the most customers in the last three years. Unified Communications, Communication with People, and UCM make history.

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■ Platform

UCM UC Messenger is a business real-time messenger solution that support that supports real-time message, chat, file, mVoIP (Voice/Face Talk), IP-PBX UC, push alert and open SDK.


■ User Friendly UI/UX

UCM is designed as User Friendly Interface similar to Service messenger UX environment that is easy and comfortable.


■ Services

UCM provides integrated UC service with desktop, mobile based UC service, integrated IPT UC service, mVoIP and legacy system interface.


■ Messenger

UCM provides integrated UC service with Windows, Mac, Mobile based UC service, integrated IPT UC service, video conferencing ang legacy system and it is supplied by module according to customer's requirement environment.

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■ Integrated Push

UCM provides an integrated Desktop & Mobile Push engine delivery. It provides its own Push service and it can be used with Desktop and Mobile Device. UCM also provides real-time push Notification transmission and link Linkage service.

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■ Video Conference

A UCM's option function, Video Conference provides high Quality Full-HD video and voice (22Khz) conference and document collaboration system. Support automatic image resolution control function according to connected network environment / Support H.323 and SIP conference interworking.

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